Saturday, January 4, 2014

Looking Back on 2013

As I lay in bed this morning scrolling through the oodles of updates from my friends and information (important or otherwise) from the many "Likes" I've committed to, a thought came to me. I wondered how many people, in reviewing their accomplishments, tribulations, and events of the past year actually go back to their social media sites to look back on everything that they have posted, shared, liked, commented on, etc.

I thought about this for some time and ended up saying to myself "Self, if only we had time to do that at the end/beginning of every year." And then I realized how not present in the moment I was for most of those shares and likes. The only social media I use is Facebook. As you know from my earlier blog entries, I often take a break from the social media world. Lately, though, I have taken a new look at things that social media offers us, in the positive light. There are always wonderful pictures, inspirational sayings and, as in the bookstore, self-help tools are plentiful! To me, the importance of these facets of Facebook, and other social media sites, is that the item I'm about to share, like or comment on resonates with me. In a positive way.

That being said, in my reflection of 2013 and happening across the following quote, I realized many things.

When I think of all the times the sun has shone and all the times the storm has brewed, broken and passed, just in 2013, I am grateful for my friends and family that have stood beside me, supported me, and (more times than I care to admit to myself) picked me up and helped me put myself back together. Just writing this and thinking about the love that everyone I know and care for feels for me makes me cry. It makes me SO happy to know that there is so much love out there, even though it often feels or seems like the world is filled with so many other distasteful actions, words and/or feelings.

There are so many people out there that can change the world, change lives, change one life, even! And all it takes is love. It is through the people that I have crossed paths with throughout my life that I have learned this and so much more.

Love DOES conquer all.
Love IS forgiving.
Love IS kind.
Love DOES NOT judge or criticize.
Love IS blind.

I don't want to just feel love. 
I want to BE love.


Thank you for being the reason that I smile today.

If you would like a smile today please check out the playlist I made on YouTube today. It is a reminder of the humanity that still exists in the world today. Love to all, Namaste.

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