Saturday, June 4, 2016

March 23, 2003 - Dreams

What are my dreams/hopes/aspirations in life? I used to have many but it seems as I've gotten older and entered "the real world" my dreams have been diminished, destroyed or have disappeared altogether. Why did I let this happen? How can I have goals or expect to reach my goals if I don't have dreams? Come on dreams! Why have I deserted you for so long?

Dreams make me want to be somebody, to do something. In a general sense, I feel dreams are silly…but a few years ago I would have refuted anyone who said that to me! So now I need to find my dreams or make new ones. Playing flute in the Walt Disney orchestra, racing stock car, obtaining my CMA and Forensic Accounting certificate. They are still there, just buried deep beneath a lot of other garbage, maybe disguised as new dreams, even! Tonight I will dream of my dreams and return to the path of enjoyment, struggle and success. I will work hard to find my dreams, to set goals which will help me achieve those dreams and all the while remain me, as those who love me and accept me know me.

I am strong, intelligent, diligent and capable. If I put my mind to it I can accomplish anything and I have the support of friends and family who love me very much. I can ask for help if I need it because there is no reason for me to struggle alone.

To dreams and the path of achievement!


I know, it's been awhile since I've been here. I'm not sure why as I've had plenty to pour out. Maybe I've been scared to know what's inside, to know and to let it out, even here. But I've found a project that will hopefully bring me back here more regularly. It's something I've been meaning to do but have been putting it off. I was tidying up today, getting some paperwork done, and came across my journal of sorts. I used to pick a topic/theme/emotion and free write. Over the next while I will be posting the entries from my old journal here on my blog. They are short but maybe they will help someone out there. I know that re-reading these entries and typing them out will help me. 

I didn't realize how old the entries were when I had pulled it out over a year ago and set the intention to transfer the entries here. Upon opening it when I sat down to type tonight, I realized that even though the first entry is from 13 years ago, I am currently sort of where I was 13 years ago. And 13 is my lucky number. So it's appropriate that I sat down to do this now, I guess!

So here goes nothing, something or everything!