Monday, March 26, 2012

Just a Quick Note Today

There are a few things I want to fill in between the last blog and today but I wanted to get on here before I left for my psychiatric assessment this morning with the mental health outpatient program.  Yes it's today. Finally.  But I'm nervous that it's here.  My friend told me last night "Good luck, go crazy!"  I am who I am right now.  Answer the questions and hope they can help me for the better.

I'm anxious, of course.  Paranoid, of course.  The usual.  But multiplied a few times today I think.  I'm actually shaking.  Shivering some times.  Scared.....that's what it is.  I'm too tough to be scared.  if I have made it this far i can make it through today.  I took the whole day off work and even though taking the bus gives me a bit of anxiety, I am busing it today so I don't have to worry about parking, feeding a meter and getting a ticket if I'm too long at my appointment.

Deep breaths.  One day at a time, one thing at a time.  You can do this.  When the day is done, you will feel better because you will have more answers than you started the day with.  Put on your oxygen mask before you help put everyone's oxygen mask on them.  Go get 'em, girl!

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  1. Hi there my friend. I read your blog. I am touched you invited me to it. I am serious when i say that if you are ever in need to talk you know how to get me. I will be here for you. You have written your thoughts down very nicely and that is the first step. hope today goes well and know that you are loved by everyone who matters. xoxox