Sunday, August 24, 2014


Who knew that someone would have a tragic story about sprinkles? I thought sprinkles made everything better. Well, they do, but in this sad story the sprinkles were forgotten and things turned bad.

I love birthday cake. The flavour, the actual item, the vodka, you name it. Birthday Cake anything makes me happy. :) Earlier this week I visited my friend's new cafe and the special of the month was Birthday Cake Latte. They also had Birthday Party ice cream. So, since I just had a wax (you don't need to know what I had waxed) I thought I would treat myself. I ordered a Birthday Cake latte and a Birthday Party ice cream cone. The latte actually came with whipped cream and sprinkles.  I was so excited about the sprinkles. Sprinkles can even make a pile of shit look enticing!

At the roller derby after party tonight I met someone who had a (sad but interesting) story about sprinkles. I won't go into detail but it involves biting, blood, a stab-like scar and a trip to the hospital for one party and a trip to the psych ward for the other party. All because the sprinkles were forgotten.

The lesson here is don't ever forget the sprinkles. They may seem like a small after thought but if you drop the ball on the sprinkles, it could be dangerous. For you and everyone else involved. I think that we often forget the sprinkles in our lives. Sometimes we totally forget to put them on top of our everyday lives or overlook the sprinkles that are already there. Maybe this is just another euphemism for "stop and smell the roses" or maybe the sprinkles are something totally different. Whatever the case, don't forget the sprinkles - sometimes the sprinkles make everything else in the day seem tolerable and enjoyable.

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