Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Strength in Being Vulnerable

Being self-sufficient is important but there are times when you need to let other people help you. That dreaded “f” word – feelings  is important. It's hard to let go when you sense that someone cares for you more than they let on or want to admit to themselves. When someone puts up with my negative moods (medical induced or otherwise) and tries to help me stay out of those negative moods this says a lot about their character. Maybe they do have a lot of scars and are scared to love another person, but we all have scars and we are all scared. The important thing about having scars is to do your best not to let them stop you from showing your love or from being vulnerable, no matter the risk of getting another scar.

There are so many ways that someone can contribute to any relationship. Maybe you don't see all the ways you can contribute or maybe you just see yourself as unable to contribute in a particular way. Speaking from my own personal experience, knowing that I can’t take anyone's pain away makes me feel helpless. Most of the time I recognized that there were (and hopefully still are) other ways that I can offer help. It is those little things that I offer (the ones that someone might laugh at because they think it is cute) - being there for your stubborn ass whether you wanted me to be or not.

At a time when I had given up hope on humanity, you taught me that there are people out there that hold within them the things that I am looking for in a person. You offered me the unconditional love of a friend and support and advice whether my stubborn, moody ass wanted to hear it or not. By sharing your good days and your bad days with me you have shown me the strength in being vulnerable. All of these things in a person are worth more to me than anyone can ever imagine.

If you are trying to hold on tight to something that you need to let go of, ask the other person to be open and honest with you and with themself about how they feel. Wouldn't you rather know the truth, even if it is going to hurt, so that you can move forward, with or without the other person as part of your life? There is strength in being vulnerable and I am more than willing to show my vulnerability in the hopes that others will see it as a strength.

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