Saturday, January 12, 2013

Our Purpose

I'm getting around to writing a post soon so in the mean time I thought I would add this for your reading pleasure! I came across it through something that my mom sent to me and I found that some of the article resonated with me. To see the full article click on the link under the heading. You might find something that resonates with you! :)

When We Don't Live Into Our Purpose We Become Depressed
An excerpt from

Failing to keep the cosmic order healthy in our corner of the world in my sense of it, as a therapist, is the number one cause of depression and anxiety. We are all wired to give to life. What I have found is that we as humans tend to beat ourselves up for not living into some grand looking, far reaching, meaningful purpose that gets us noticed and approved of by others. And so we miss the small essential progressions that must be made in our character and in our practical life so that we can move forward in a daily, incremental way towards a unique way of contribution.

Life essentially requires that we round ourselves out in all areas. We are always being called by life situations to grow and to round out our character. We also must progress as a whole regarding other people. This means if we are not moving forward towards our purpose we need to ask, "What do I need to give to my life situation right now? or "What is life waiting for me to give right now so that I can move forward in my growth?" We have to be alert to how we need to change to give meaningfully to the reality of our life as it is right now. This is how we find our place in the fabric of life. This is how we evolve our life, our purpose and the world. We sense into what is required of us in the present moment, cosmic order by one small, kind act at a time.

This is how we evolve as families, as work groups, and as larger and evolving systems. Perhaps the biggest mistake people make in pursuing their purpose is thinking that they can progress as an individual entity and that they are not part of a larger network of connection that needs to progress along with the whole.

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