Friday, March 22, 2013

Empty Your Cup

Things have been busy around here.  I'm sure you read that a lot and hear that a lot. I'm behind on everything it seems. Laundry, dishes, piano, blog reading (and writing), Board duties.  In the past few months a few changes have happened.  My mood has stabilized with the addition of a secondary medication taken daily. I am now taking 300 mg of Wellbutrin, in addition to the 300 mg of Effexor.  It has helped tremendously!  The only downside is the constipation.  I've never had to visit THAT section of the drugstore before so it was an interesting experience.  Not one pharmacist or sales clerk offered to help me.  I'm really not surprised! LOL!  Thank goodness for moms. : )

As far as the being too busy goes, my session with the social worker I've been seeing at the Mental Health Outpatient Program simply reminded me of all the tricks and tools of the trade that I have up my sleeve. I have collected an arsenal of tools over the years to combat and overcome distorted thinking, values ingrained in me from childhood, social pressure, the desire to please everyone, yadah, yadah, yadah.  Part one of my assignment is to list everything that I do in an average week.  Part two is to keep track of everything I do in blocks of time in my calendar. It's a beautiful rainbow of blocks. Yes, I colour code my activities. Yellow for work, green for health, blue for volunteer, red for romantic/partner time, and purple for personal.  So tonight is purple time.  I was looking for a link to a website in my bookmarks and decided to edit my bookmarks.  I came across a page that I had known was there but forgot the entirety of the story it held. I often remind others that if your cup is not full, you cannot fill anyone else's cup.  Yet again I should heed my own advice.  Follow the link below with me and be enlightened! : )

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