Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Greatest Feeling is SUCCESS!!!

The fashion show was a blast! I was so worried about modeling the bra that I was almost ill, couldn't concentrate at work and sweating buckets. Not a good thing to do...sweat buckets in loaned clothing. But I did it. It felt great! I looked good, I felt good, and there were even some hoots and hollers from the crowd! Only one other girl modeled a bra. The others told us we were brave. Maybe brave...but I feel confident. I did take an Ativan an hour before the show and that helped immensely. Deep breathing in the car on the way over...kept fogging up the windshield.

I'm proud of myself for this accomplishment and am going to toot my own horn for a bit. :). I'm looking forward to my next challenge! Now to sleep for a few days...zzz zzz zzz....

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