Monday, November 12, 2012

Acceptance of Self: Can You Do It?

I learned a good affirmation recently: I accept myself unconditionally right now. I had to do a lot of accepting myself unconditionally this weekend. The volunteer women's group that I belong to is holding a fashion show and the chair of the fashion show committee wanted me to model. She knows about me and my challenges so I think this is her way pushing me outside of my comfort zone (I better make sure i have enough Ativan for the evening of rehearsal and the real show!). The two stores I am modeling for are a lingerie store (a bra under a jacket and pants for one outfit and the second is this comfy pj/beachwear/loungewear item) and a bridal shop. From the bridal shop I will be wearing 2 practically skin tight dresses one of which I will wear my Spanx under.  In my mind a woman should not have to wear Spanx to feel/look good in any outfit but that is how it is these days, it seems. On one hand it is great that the industry has come up with something that slims you down for an evening or for a particular outfit without compromising your physical health.  On the other hand how much damage does this do to your mental health once you remove the Spanx? Never mind that your muscles are confused about what their role is for the next hour or so after the Spanx have left the premises!

I do have to admit that I am guilty of owning Spanx but only wear them on special occasions.  Needless to say spending 2 hours trying on bras this weekend made me repeat my newfound affirmation over and over. I blame my large ribcage from the difficulty in being able to find a bra my size where the wire isn't perforating my ribs and lungs! The important part of my experience this weekend is that I FEEL good in what I'm modeling from both stores...even if I do have to wear Spanx and my 5" black heels from the wedding I was in a couple months ago! Now to find someone to do my hair and makeup...I feel like someone important.  :)  Jeeves, bring the car around would you? I'd like to go for a ride. I don't know where to but I want everyone to know how important I FEEL today!

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