Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Dog Days of Summer

Seems I've been slacking on my blogs lately. Difficult to blog using the iPad as I can't find an app for this blog site but I will make due for anyone that's following me out there! Lol! Pardon the lack of paragraphing. Seems that though I am making paragraphs it's not working in the blog! Things have been going well since the introduction of the new medication. I'm now on 250 mg of venlafaxine and have been for some time now. It seems to be doing the trick aside from those moody blue days due to hormonal craziness. I really don't think hormonal craziness should cause me to stay in bed crying for 2 days but I will bring that up with my psychiatrist in August. It also helps that I've found a supportive, loving, caring, sensitive, understanding partner. I'm glad that I was on level ground before he found me so that I can see my progress and also see where he supports and aids in my progress as two separate things. I would not want to rely on someone else for my happiness and this is not th case in this relationship. That in itself makes it different from most of my past relationships. There tended to be a lot of "need" from either myself or my previous partners. There is only desire and want, support and help. Autonomy when desired and team work when needed. It is because of my current partner that I have taken up training to run a 5 km race. The first will be at the end of September but won't be a timed race unfortunately. My friends south of the border have indicated there might be one in their area in October some time. I'm looking forward to these events as difficult as the early training has been. After only a few sessions my knees, shins and ankles are aching. But I must persevere. One day at a time, one thing at a time. I'm also off to BC soon to visit my brother for a few weeks. This is causing some stress for me, as much as I'm looking forward to visiting with him and then stopping at our parents' house on the way back. I need to pack and get the house in order for the 4 different people that will be looking after my fur babies and the house. Find health care providers where I will be visiting in case something goes awry. Keep on my training schedule while I'm stressing out and while I'm away. On top of all the normal everyday things that I stress about. Why do I stress so much? One day at a time, one thing at a time. That being said, it's almost time for me to leave for my Mixed Anxiety group session. These have been interesting also. I've had lots to think about in the past 6-8 weeks while attending these group sessions. That will have to wait for another blog. :) I'm hoping to do some reflecting blogs also, on some things that I missed in past blogs. So lots to do again, of course. Pile it higher on my plate, like I do at the all you can eat buffets! Gotta get my money's worth out of food, life and love, it seems! ;)

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