Thursday, February 9, 2012


Today is just a day to vent on here so bear with me.  I called to follow up about my referral and find out which stage of the process it is in.  Well, they can't do anything with my referral until I have a family physician.  How does THAT work?  I need help and I want help and I'm ready to get help but because there are no physicians taking new patients in this city I can't get help?

I had a friend help me find other resources tonight and I will be researching them tomorrow (what with all the spare time I have at my new job...*sarcasm*).  Into the board room to make some private calls so as not to scare off my new co-workers this early in the game.  Or I will just show up at the places on my lists and plead for help.

Or I will just accept this as my life and live with it.  Or die with it.  Today is not a good day in my head.

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